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Impressum & Datenschutz
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Impressum & Datenschutz

Welcome to the IASAO

International Association of Specialists in Aligner Orthodontics

The IASAO is an international scientific association of dentists and orthodontists specialised in orthodontic therapy with transparent aligners.

Our aim is to inform both clinicians and the general public about the possibilities of modern aligner-based orthodontic treatment. The IASAO places high value on providing independent and objective information on orthodontic aligner therapy. Our Association sees itself as a communication platform for the transnational promotion and development of aligner treatment and as a forum for international exchange.

We strive to foster the development and establishment of high standards in orthodontic aligner treatment through research and education, manufacturer-independent international exchange of experiences and direct and simplified access to the latest information on all aspects of state-of-the-art aligner technology.

Partnership with National Assocations

The IASAO does not see itself in competition with national orthodontic associations and institutions. Local organisations are necessary to cater for the varying needs of different countries.

As an international organisation, the International Association of Specialists in Aligner Orthodontics rather aims to create and extend a vast pool of knowledge by combining and bundling all national activities.

Round Table for Doctors and Manufacturers

The IASAO wants to bring as many clinicians and manufacturers together at one table so that they can effectively join forces to raise public awareness and to improve the effectiveness and the results of wireless orthodontics that is becoming increasingly popular.

Objective Information Platform for Patients

Today, patients have to study the websites of many different suppliers to get an overview of the advantages and disadvantages connected with the various therapies. The Association wants to give all people who are interested in orthodontic therapy the opportunity to learn about wireless orthodontics and to get the latest information on aligner technology thus helping them to find the system most suitable to their specific needs.

Join us!
Internationale Gesellschaft der Spezialisten für Aligner Kieferorthopädie

International Association of Specialists in Aligner Orthodontics

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